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🌟 The Romanian Legend

Check out our exclusive interview with a true poker legend – Dan Chisu!


👑 Alexandru Razvan is the Big Champion of Smart Poker Tour #5

We have a winner and his name is Alexandru Razvan!

Alexandru Razvan

Check out the final hand:


Alexandru Razvan: A♣9♣

Denis Simionel: 9♠9♥

Board: A♥4♠4♦3♥Q♣ brought Alexandru the trophy and the massive prize of €45,600.

For the 2nd place Denis Simionel won €36,190.

Denis Simionel

⚡ Heads-Up

The heads-up play is between Alexandru Razvan from Romania and Denis Simionel from Moldova.

🏆 3rd place and €39,200 for Petar Chavdarov

The Bulgarian finished on 3rd position after losing another milestone hand:

Petar raised from the button to 525,000, Alexandru Razvan from the small blind reraised to 1,600,000. Petar went all-in and Alexandru snap called.


Petar Chavdarov: A♠8♦

Alexandru Razvan: Q♦Q♠

After board Q♣J♥4♦7♣4♣ Petar was left with just 2 blinds and busted on the next hand with 85 against 72 of Alexandru Razvan


Petar Chavdarov

💸 The Deal

The 3 finalists have decided to make a deal based on the chip count and set aside a part of the prize pool for the winner.

The final numbers:

  • Alexandru Razvan – Romania – €41,100
  • Petar Chavdarov – Bulgaria – €39,200
  • Denis Simionel – Moldova – €36,190

The play will continue for €4,500 and the trophy.

🏆 The new chip leader

There has been a shift in chips after the following hand:

Petar Chavdarov raises from the button to 425,000 and Alexandru Razvan goes all-in for 3,590,000 from the small blind. Petar calls. Showdown:

Petar Chavdarov: A♣8♣

Alexandru Razvan: A♥Q♥

Board: 7♥J♦9♥7♣5♠

Big double-up for Alexandru Razvan


🏆 4th place and €16,000 for Bogdan Alexandru Ionescu

Bogdan Alexandru Ionescu finished in 4th place after losing his stack in two hands:

Hand 1: Denis Simionel went all-in from the button with 77 for 2,275,000 and was called by Bogdan Alexandru from the big blind with AK. With no help on the board, Bogdan lost a big part of his stack in this hand – doubling Denis Simionel.


Hand 2: As Bogdan was left with a very short stack, he went all-in on the next hand (with appr. 500,000 chips) and got a call from two players – Petar Chavdarov and Alexandru Razvan, who checked until the river.

Board: KQ6A8

Bogdan Alexandru: 75

Petar Chavdarov: 99

Alexandru Razvan: K3


Bogdan Alexandru Ionescu

🌟 The Final 4

Jan 29 – 18:45

  1. Petar Chavdarov – Bulgaria – 9,500,000
  2. Denis Simionel – Moldova – 4,500,000
  3. Bogdan Alexandru – Romania – 4,000,000
  4. Alexandru Razvan – Romania – 2,500,000


  1. €60,000
  2. €38,000
  3. €23,000
  4. €16,000

Blinds: 80,000/160,000/160,000

Average stack: 5,077,500

🏆 5th place and €12,222 for Eusebiu Nicolae Jalba

Eusebiu Nicolae finished in fifth place, this is the hand:

he went all-in with A♦7♦ from the button and got a call from Denis Simionel from the big blind with 88.

Board: 2J7T9


Eusebiu Nicolae Jalba

🏆 6th place and €10,000 for Dumitru Robert Raduta

Eusebiu opened from UTG to 200,000 and Robert Dumitru defended the big blind.

Flop: A93. Dumitru checks, Eusebiu c-bets 150,000 and Dumitru calls.

Turn 3. Dumitru checks, Eusebiu bets 250,000 and Dumitru again calls.

River 8. Dumitru, again, checks. Eusebiu goes all-in and Dumitru (with a smaller stack) calls.


Dumitru: 9T

Eusebiu: A9

Dumitru Robert Raduta

🏆 7th place and €8,600 for Roey Krofman

Roey Krofman finished in 7th place after losing A5 against TT of Bogdan Alexandru.


Roey Krofman

🏆 8th place and €7,500 for Roberth Marius Cazan

He lost two consecutive hands and eventually finished on 8th place.

In the first hand, he lost a preflop all-in with JJ versus KK of Eusebiu Nicolae.

In the second hand, he lost an all-in preflop with AK versus 75 of Alexandru Razvan (a 7 and a 5 came on the flop).

Hand 1 video

Hand 2 video

Roberth Marius Cazan

🏆 9th place and €6,600 for Paul Calin Ciaca

Paul Ciaca was the first player to bust from the official final table of the main event.

He went all-in from the button with T9 and was called by Alexandru Razvan with AT from the blind.


Paul Ciaca

🌟 The Main Event Finalists

Jan 29 – 17:00

  1. Denis Simionel – Moldova
  2. Roey Krofman – Israel
  3. Roberth Marius – Romania
  4. Petar Chavdarov – Bulgaria
  5. Bogdan Alexandru – Romania
  6. Robert Dumitru – Romania
  7. Eusebiu Nicolae – Romania
  8. Paul Ciaca – Romania
  9. Alexandru Razvan – Romania

🏆 10th place and €5,700 for Bogdan Stefan Trifanescu

Jan 29 – 16:40

Bogdan Stefan busted on the bubble of the official final table – with A4 versus AQ of Robert Dumitru.


Bogdan Stefan Trifanescu

🏆 11th place and €4,800 for Tiberiu Eduard Mateiasu

Jan 29 – 16:20

Tiberiu lost an all-in preflop with A5 from the small blind against 66 of Alexandru Razvan from the big blind. Razvan made quads!

Tiberiu Eduard Mateiasu

🏆 12th place and €4,100 for Ionut Chirap

Jan 29 – 16:10

Ionut Chirap busted on 12th place: he lost K♣T♣ versus Q♦Q♥ of Paul Ciaca.


Ionut Chirap

🏆 13th place and €4,100 for Anton Asenov

Jan 29 – 16:00

Anton Asenov suffered a terrible bad best just a few places before the final table.

He lost QQ versus JJ of Roberth Marius – a J came on the flop


Anton Asenov

🏆 14th place and €3,450 for Vasil Veselinov

Jan 29 – 15:50

Paul Ciaca raised 100,000 from CO, Bogdan Alexandru called from the button and Vasil Veselinov defended the big blind.

All three players saw flop: 9♦6♥5♥

Vasil checked, Paul c-bets 200,000. Bogdan folded. Veselinov went all-in and Ciaca snap called.

Vasil Veselinov: 5♠5♣

Paul Ciaca: K♥K♦

Turn: A♥

River: T♥


A special quote from Vasil for our Bulgarian readers:

„Баш капитана го хвана в капана, ама му излезе на 10% рънър рънър купа и взема ръката“


After this hand, the Bulgarian finished the tournament on 14th place and won €3,450

Vasil Veselinov

💪 Double-up for Roberth Marius

Jan 29 – 15:45

Roberth Marius managed to double his stack of appr. 390,000 with A7 versus 88 of Petar Chavdarov.

A on the flop.

💪 Double-up for Roey Crofman

Jan 29 – 15:40

Another big double-up for Roey Crofman with A♥A♠ versus A♣Q♣ of Eusebiu Nicolae.

Board: 9♣2♦Q♠5♦9♥

Action: Roey check-raised the flop and pushed all-in on the turn.

💪 Big double-up for Eusebiu Nicolae

Jan 29 – 15:30

Eusebiu Nicolae managed to double his stack of appr. 1 million with K♠9♠ versus A♦T♦ of Petar Chavdarov.

The action is: Eusebiu limps, Petar raises to 180,000 and Eusebiu went all-in preflop.

Board: 3♥9♥6♣2♣2♠


💪 Alexandru Razvan doubles up

Jan 29 – 15:20

Alexandru Razvan doubles up with K♦J♥ against Q♠Q♦ of Anton Asenov.

Board: J♦2♦K♥A♠3♠


💪 Roey Krofman doubles up

Jan 29 – 15:10

Roey Krofman doubles up with 99 against 77 of Alexandru Razvan.


📢 High Roller update

Jan 29 – 15:00

Day 1 of the €100,000 SPT High Roller event attracted a total of 113 entries with 70 players reaching Day 2.

Registration in the tournament and the option for re-entry will be available in the first two levels of Day 2 which means you still have a chance to participate and win a share of the massive prize pool.

Starting stack: 50,000 chips. Levels: 40 min.

Chip leader from Day 1 is Silviu Baltateanu from Romania with a stack of 248,000 chips.

Day 2 will start any minute now!

High Roller Day 1 photos

🏆 15th place and €3,450 for Fabian Hagen Bartuschk

Jan 29 – 14:10

Fabian doubled up Ionut Chirap with Q♦Q♣ against A♠K♠ (Ionut made a flush) and was left with just 1 big blind.

Photo from Fabian’s IG account: fabis_poker_journey

He busted in the next hand with K4 versus K4 versus J9 where the other two players checked until the river and one of them made a pair on the river.

Photo from Fabian’s IG account: fabis_poker_journey

Fabian Hagen Bartuschk

💪 Vasil Veselinov doubles up

Jan 29 – 14:05

Vasil Veselinov goes all-in for appr. 500,000 chips with AQ and got a call from Bogdan Stefan with A4.

No surprises on the board and so Vasil managed to double his stack

Vasil Veselinov

🏆 Two players out

Jan 29 – 14:00

There was a big 3-way all-in that ended with two players busting the tournament:

Petar Chavdarov: J♥J♠

Ionut Robert: K♠J♦

Ionut Tiberiu: T♠T♥

Board: A♠J♣8♥9♥9♠

After this hand, Ionut Robert busts on 17th place and Ionut Tiberiu busts on 16th place – both winning €2,900 each.


Ionut Robert
Ionut Tiberiu

💪 Another double-up for Ionut Tiberiu

Jan 29 – 13:55


🏆 18th place and €2,900 for Valentin Ionut

Jan 29 – 13:50

Valentin Ionut from Romania is the first player to bust the Main Event Final.

Anton Asenov went all-in from the CO position and Valentin Ionut (with a smaller stack) called from the big blind.

Anton Asenov: A♠T♦

Valentin Ionut: 6♣6♥

Board: 9♥T♣Q♦3♥8♣


Valentin Ionut

💪 Ionut Tiberiu doubles up

Jan 29 – 13:35

And another short stack double up!

Ionut Tiberiu doubled his stack of appr. 200,000 chips with A♠2♣ against A♣J♣ of Petar Chavdarov.


💪 Denis Simionel doubles up

Jan 29 – 13:30

Denis Simionel doubled his stack of appr. 500,000 chips with A♣6♦ versus J♣8♣ of Paul Ciaca.


💪 Eduard Tiberiu doubles up

Jan 29 – 13:20

Eduard Tiberiu doubled his stack of appr. 500,000 chips with K♠Q♥ versus T♣ T♥ of Marius Roberth.


🏆 PLO Winner

The winner of SPT Side Event #2 is Raul Ilyaev!

Raul Ilyaev

Raul Ilyaev

The tournament with a €250 buy-in attracted 28 entries, check out the final ranking:

  1. Raul Ilyaev – Israel – €3,000
  2. Nikolai Nikolov – Bulgaria – €1,800
  3. Itzhak Zenati – Israel – €1,311

🔥 Cards are in the air

Jan 29 – 13:00

Good luck to all players!

📢 Main Event Update

Jan 29 – 12:35

There are only 18 players left in the €250,000 GTD Main Event with Petar Chavdarov being the chip leader with his stack of 2,745,000.

Petar Chavdarov

Chip count

  1. Petar Chavdarov – Bulgaria – 2,745,000
  2. Robert Dumitru – Romania – 2,645,000
  3. Roberth Marius – Romania – 1,785,000
  4. Bogdan Alexandru – Romania – 1,685,000
  5. Bogdan Stefan – Romania – 1,625,000
  6. Nicolae Eusebiu – Romania – 1,550,000
  7. Valentin Ionut – Romania – 950,000
  8. Vasil Veselinov – Bulgaria – 940,000
  9. Roey Krofman – Israel – 935,000
  10. Alexandru Razvan – Romania – 880,000
  11. Anton Asenov – Bulgaria – 785,000
  12. Robert Ionut – Romania – 765,000
  13. Ionut Chirap – Romania – 675,000
  14. Paul Calin – Romania – 665,000
  15. Denis Simionel – Moldova – 585,000
  16. Eduard Tiberiu – Romania – 500,000
  17. Fabian Hagen – Germany – 370,000
  18. Ionut Tiberiu – Romania – 225,000

Prize pool distribution for the final 18

  1. €60,000
  2. €38,000
  3. €23,000
  4. €16,000
  5. €12,222
  6. €10,000
  7. €8,600
  8. €7,500
  9. €6,600
  10. €5,700
  11. €4,800
  12. €4,100
  13. €4,100
  14. €3,450
  15. €3,450
  16. €2,900
  17. €2,900
  18. €2,900

The play will continue on blinds 15,000/30,000/30,000. Average stack: 1,128,333.

🏆 Final Day

Jan 29 – 12:30

Hello and welcome to the final day of Smart Poker Tour #5!

Today will be the day of big champions – we will crown the winners of the €250,000 GTD Main Event, the €100,000 GTD High Roller event, and the Last Chance side event.

Follow the live report here, on the Smart Poker Tour Facebook page and Instagram page for more updates and live coverage!

Day 1A Live Report

Day 1B + Day 1C Live Report

Day 2 Live Report

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